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QDU Online Training 

The QDU provides free online training modules to support students and coaches.

For instructions on how to register for the online training, please watch the following video.


QDU Academy

QDU Academy is a program which runs free training sessions before each debate to provide students with tips and insights on the upcoming topic. They are presented by the most talented coaches and adjudicators in the QDU community.

Recordings of each academy session will usually be uploaded on our YouTube channel a couple days after the session.

QDU On Demand

The QDU offers bespoke workshops at schools by request of the School Debating Coordinators. For more information on these sesssions, visit the QDU On Demand page.

QDU Workshops

The QDU periodically hosts public workshops throughout the year for students of all skills and backgrounds. These events are advertised through our social media pages and on our website. They cost a small fee for entry.

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