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QDU Competition Documents


Download the QDU Rules here.

Chairpersons Speech

Download the Chairpersons Speech here. You can also download the Editable Chairpersons Speech to fill in the Chairpersons Speech in advance.

Code of Conduct and Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

Everyone involved with the QDU (including parents, students, coaches and adjudicators) must abide by the Code of Conduct.


The QDU is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children, as set out in the Child & Youth Risk Management Strategy.



​Privacy Notice

This notice explains how the QDU will use private information you give us about you (“Personal Information”), now and in the future.

We collect, and you provide, your Personal Information for the purposes of the QDU, including (but not limited to):

(a) organising debating-related tournaments, competitions and events;

(b) providing you with access to the QDU’s services;

(c) promoting debating and the QDU in Queensland and Australia; and

(d) informing you of relevant QDU opportunities and activities.

For those purposes we may use your Personal Information in various ways, including, for example:

(a) running the QDU’s debating competitions;

(b) selecting, training and promoting the Queensland State Debating Team; and

(c) contacting you to inform you of opportunities provided by the QDU, including for adjudication.


We will not disclose your Personal Information to third parties without your permission, except as required by law.

If you have any questions about how your Personal Information may be used, or you want us to remove your Personal Information from our systems, please contact the QDU Program Manager via email:

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